Group language training in English & other major languages


CELT’s Group language training in English and other major languages course is an effective and efficient way of improving the general, business or technical English needs of a company. Our group courses focus on fluency, accuracy, communication skills and most importantly, confidence building. Content of the course is fully tailored to address participants’ everyday executive English language needs and quickly improve job-related and effective communication skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Study agenda in collaboration with participants

We strongly recommend small groups of a maximum of six participants as it is of utmost importance that there is adequate talking and student/teacher interaction time. The composition of the group is the result of CELT’s Target Language Audit. The study agenda is designed in collaboration with the participants, their managers/HR department and the assigned language instructor.

Progress monitoring

CELT will monitor the language programme and will report regularly to the client’s training department or student’s immediate manager (if required) on study progress and attendance. This will help your company evaluate the success of the training and to decide how best to continue to achieve the agreed course objectives, guaranteeing a superior return on investment.

Course location

As all of our courses are designed with busy professionals in mind, CELT teachers will come to your company to teach when it’s most convenient for you.