Client testimonials


Client Testimonials, 2014 and 2015

“A CELT individual language training course in English is a fast and efficient way to dramatically improve your language skills. There are huge possibilities to influence the contents of each two-hour lesson and get the individual job-related and general English language help you need. The flexibility allowed in booking and rescheduling a session, helps you to easily fit the meetings in to your tight schedule; this makes it easy to get great continuity from your training. I can strongly recommend CELT for all your language training needs”

Hans Häggrot
Production Director
SAAB Aeronautics

“Just over a year ago I agreed with my employer (Alstom) to move to Sweden and start working for our office in Stockholm. The second item we discussed and agreed on was that I should/wanted to learn Swedish a.s.a.p. CELT AB helped my family and I achieve this goal by offering us a language-training package adapted to our individual needs.

We started to work on developing our “basic Swedish language skills” with our own private CELT language consultant that listened very well to our needs and interests. Twice a week we started to work on our day-to-day Swedish language skills and after 3-6 months we adapted the lessons towards a more professional/work related level. By having the basic day-to-day language skills, we felt confident from the beginning to speak Swedish and start conversations. It enabled us to prepare for the next step, use the Swedish language in our “yrkesliv”.

CELT AB has paved the path from the beginning to adapt the language training programme (and find the right teacher) to our individual needs so that we could integrate more quickly into our new environment. I still enjoy the lessons today and improve my skills more rapidly than I thought I would. I can strongly recommend CELT AB as a company that makes learning a new language very personal, fun and easy!

Olaf de Kok,
Sales Manager Nordics,
Alstom Transport.

“Combitech AB has chosen CELT for all our individual language training courses. CELT has proven to be an excellent gap filler between the traditional school English and the professional English used by each individual. The training sessions prepare the students to be comfortable with the choice of words they use when they switch between social discussions, small talk, meetings, negotiations and job-related professional presentations. I would not hesitate to recommend CELT”

Mats Wahlfeldt
Combitech AB

“Vattenfall AB has used CELT as an English language training provider for over twelve years. This co-operation has been very valuable in the internationalization of our Group. We have also used other providers over the years but CELT is an extremely personal and very flexible supplier offering a group of highly skilled ‘native-speaking’ language training consultants.

One of the most difficult things when learning a language is to get into small talk and day-to-day, job-related discussions. CELT is outstanding in this type of personal, flexible, job-related training sessions. No two courses could ever possibly be the same as CELT plans a course around the needs and interests of each individual. I can warmly recommend CELT as a language training provider.”

Christer Fransson,
Chief Unbundling Officer
Vattenfall AB

The content of a CELT, English language improvement course is both varied and interesting. The teacher has a great skill in picking up correctly on all our strengths & weaknesses and in helping us achieve our goals. All our expectations are fully met!

Anders Jonsson,
Tekniska Verken AB

Client Testimonials, pre-2014

We selected CELT as our language training partner in order to improve the English language skills of our staff. We were extremely impressed by the company’s excellent reputation in the region and the teaching methods they use. They take into account the individual’s existing level in English as well as their learning capacity and on this basis they attune the teaching and plan a course with very effective results. The training is much more effective than forcing everyone to follow a rigid curriculum which often does not meet the individual student’s needs thus wasting a lot of time and energy. I can safely recommend CELT for their effective and individually tailored English training methods.

Owe Jarlö
HR & Administration Manager
Arla Foods

Autoliv Electronics has chosen to cooperate with CELT re individual language training. CELT has a very flexible training set-up and very experienced teachers.

Mats Ahnlund
HR Manager
Autoliv Electronics AB

Every aspect of my business English course with CELT was positive. They provided the management team of Bixia and I with a professional, friendly, relaxed, balanced and a very individualised training programme in English. We now use our English with improved accuracy and much increased confidence. I strongly recommend CELT to other companies seeking to improve their job-related English language skills.

Tom Istgren
Managing Director
Bixia AB

CELT is, since several years, an appointed associate to us at Cloetta. CELT has delivered several English courses at different levels and for different needs. They have worked with homogenate groups as well as individuals. CELT is outstandingly flexible and fast in delivery – an easy partner to work with!

Christina Björck
HR and Communication Director, Supply Chain

English is the corporate language of the Securitas Direct Group. As a great deal of our email and intranet correspondence is in English, it is essential for us to be able to speak and write English at a high level, to enable us to communicate effectively with our colleagues abroad.

Before joining CELT’s individual training course in English, I felt rather uncertain in many ‘having to use English’ situations. I was often reluctant to answer emails or get into a one-to-one conversation even though I could understand most of what was being said. My fear of speaking English and making mistakes vanished after just a few lessons with CELT, mostly because we of course only spoke English. During the lessons we practised all kinds of communication in a relaxed way, to find words that I needed, job-related and social, put them in the right context and also to train not to be too one-sided in my communication and to dare to ask questions.

I look forward to every lesson with CELT because I’m aware of the many benefits I get from it. The training gives me a feeling of confidence so that I am not too worried even if I make a mistake sometimes. I now dare to make a mistake! The next stage in training will be to write clearly and correctly in English. Therefore, I can definitely recommend CELT to anyone who needs to improve their English skills, because I have personally learnt a lot and because it all took place in such a relaxing and pleasant way.

Tommy Sandblom
Major Account Manager
Securitas Direct Sverige AB

CELT has provided our company with language training in English and other languages for over fifteen years. The reason for such a long collaboration with CELT is mostly because of their ability to deliver what we require in terms of quality, flexibility and close co-ordination, year after year. The training courses have been conducted in small groups, which means that the course content and setup can be designed to benefit each individual in the group. CELT’s teachers have always been very attentive to the student’s individual needs and development rate and try to keep training as job-related as possible. All in all CELT receives our warmest recommendations!

Sara Wennstam
HR Specialist
Toyota Material Handling Europe, BT Products AB, Mjölby Sweden