Individual language training in English & other major languages


CELT’s individual training in English and other major languages courses are geared towards meeting the specific needs of professional clients. A programme of individual tuition recognises that everyone is different, so the training content is entirely flexible to suit you and includes a detailed needs analysis leading to a fully tailor-made course to ensure maximum progress.

Meet your business needs

Our one-to-one highly intensive English and other major languages training offers students a programme which is designed to ensure your learning is as effective as possible to meet your business needs.

Increasing confidence & competence

Our language trainers will help improve the participant’s ability to communicate in speech and writing, in industrial as well as business and social contexts. CELT’s aim is to increase the student’s confidence and competence in using the target language, both in their workplace and abroad.

Meeting the participant’s requirements

As these courses are individual, the training is designed to meet the language requirements of each participant, taking into account practical areas such as:

  • Your current language level as shown in CELT’s Target Language Audit
  • Training needs – for meetings or presentations, social events or as a general brush-up
  • Whether you need specific technical/business vocabulary
  • To reach the language skill expected for staff in different sectors, divisions and positions

Customised training agenda

We do our utmost to provide every individual with a customised training agenda linked to the participant’s professional role. At the same time we strive to keep our courses as enjoyable, fun and relaxing as possible.

Adapted to your work schedule

The Individual Training in English for Management course can be taken in full weeks, as a series of separate training days, or as training sessions of two hours per meeting to fit around your work schedule.

Course location

As all of our courses are designed with busy professionals in mind, CELT teachers will come to your company to teach when it’s most convenient for you.